Syncronised Beacon Project SBP

Synchronised 50 MHz Beacon Project (Varna 2014)

The 2011 IARU Region-1 General Conference in Sun City agreed to a new Synchronised Beacon Project (SBP) as part of its revisions to the 50MHz band plan. This required the existing beacons to migrate by August 2014 to 50.4-50.5 MHz in order to leave space for the new system at the bottom of the 50MHz band. As agreed at the Vienna Interim meeting in 2013, the basic parameters for beacons in the SBP are 1kHz frequency spacing, 1 minute CW/MGM and a 4 minute repeat period. At the 2014 IARU Region-1 General Conference in Varna 2014, the migration of Region-1 50 MHz beacons was reviewed and noted as progressing (with good propagation reports), but not yet achieved completely. The deadline for migration of the remainder was extended to 31 December 2015, noting that the default for QSY is usually +400 kHz unless a specific request is sent to the IARU Region 1 beacon coordinator. Furthermore it was also agreed that:
• The coordination of new beacons below 50,4 MHz shall no longer be possible, except for the members of the Synchronised Beacon Project (SBP)
• The Synchronised beacons will now use – ‘once every 5 minute’ slots, instead of ‘once every 4 minutes’
Member Societies are invited to participate in the pilot programme for the SBP.

The paper VA14_C5_14 will be used as an implementation guide and an initial pilot scheme demonstration. The societies are invited to consider the best locations for SBP (e.g. an existing site or new strategic site).
Region 2 and Region 3 will be informed of progress should they wish to start implementing their own beacon multiplexes.

SBP clusters

For the actual status of each beacon please visit its homepage or contact the
relevant beacon manager.

Region 1

Color Timeslot
0 1 2 3 4
50,000 Black n.u. n.u. n.u. n.u. n.u.
50,001 Brown A71 (?) A4 (?) A6 (?)    
50,002 Red GB3RMK/S GB3RMK/S      
50,003 Orange 9A (?) LZ (?) YO (?) UR (?) YM4SIX (P)
50,005 Green OY6BEC/S GB3MCB/S PI7SIX/S GB3MCB/S  
50,006 Blue IW9GDC/S IW9GDC/S IS0 (?) IW9GDC/S I (?)
50,007 Violet EA3 (?) ED7YAN/S (P) EA8 (?) CT (?) CU3 (?)
50,008 Gray TZ6 (?)   TJ (?)   TT (?)
50,009 White HB9F/S OE (?) DB0MMO/S HG1BVB/S F5 (?)

Region 2

Color Timeslot
0 1 2 3 4
50,010 Black          
50,011 Brown          
50,012 Red          
50,013 Orange          
50,014 Yellow          
50,015 Green          
50,016 Blue          
50,017 Violet          
50,018 Gray          
50,019 White          

Region 3

Color Timeslot
0 1 2 3 4
50,020 Black          
50,021 Brown          
50,022 Red          
50,023 Orange          
50,024 Yellow          
50,025 Green          
50,026 Blue          
50,027 Violet          
50,028 Gray          
50,029 White          
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